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“AgroElbest” is a dealer of the following companies OTTEVANGER MILLING ENGINEERS B.V. , Hotraco Agri B.V.,  Falcon S.r.l, NOOYEN, EUROGAN  and other european companies in the Republic of Belarus.

“AgroElbest” company supplies automatic feeding systems, drinking systems, climate control systems, heating, cooling and ventilation systems for all groups of pig and poultry. Besides the delivery of equipment and machines, “AgroElbest” also provides engineering for whole project, taking into account all wishes of the customer.
“AgroElbest” is a reliable partner in providing the pig and poultry farms with modern and reliable equipment, as well doing “turn-key” projects.

“AgroElbest” also supplies equipment produced by OTTEVANGER MILLING ENGINEERS B.V., that is one of the world’s leading companies specialized in development and production of equipment and complete plants for grain processing in flour-milling and feed mill industry.

Containerized feed mills by OTTEVANGER MILLING ENGINEERS B.V. are ideal for areas with limited infrastructure due to simple construction, low transport costs and faster installation. Installation and adjustment of the equipment are carried out at the factory what helps to make commissioning very fast locally.

Besides the deliveries of poultry and pig equipment, feed mills, “AgroElbest” supplies spare parts for this equipment.

“AgroElbest” has a license in the field of industrial safety for installation works of the equipment for feed mills, as well as we are doing commissioning and start-up of technological equipment for pig and poultry farms.

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