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Feeding supply

We offer different types of feeding supply:

  • with feed return
  • with slides
  • with spiral
Feeding system assembled Feeding system assembled - фото 1
Feeding scheme (fatteners) Feeding scheme (fatteners) - фото 2
Feeding scheme (weaners) Feeding scheme (weaners) - фото 3
Dry feeding control Dry feeding control - фото 4 The SIRIUS-DF is a computer for controlling a dry feed system. Each feeding turn, you can take feed out of one silo. You can connect a maximum 4 silo augers. It is possible to mix feed out of two silos when you apply two frequency inverters. The SIRIUS-DF can start one or two circuits. Circuits can run simultaneously while filling circuit 2 via circuit 1, or the circuits can run after each other.
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