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We offer power units, relay boxes, sensors, transformers, units for emergency opening , alarm.

HNO-PS 24V HNO-PS 24V - фото 1 The HNO-PS is a 24 Vdc uninterruptible power supply that contains two batteries. During normal operation the batteries will be charged by the supply voltage from the HNO-PS.
PS-100 PS-100 - фото 2 Power supply 24VDC 100VA. The PS-100 is perfect for use with SmartWinch winch motors
EPU-12 EPU-12 - фото 3 Powerunit 12A CE / 15A max
ACA-10N ACA-10N - фото 4 The ACA-10N is an alarm device with 10 alarm inputs, allowing connection of signallers like a horn, a flashing light, HBA (Interior Alarm) and a telephone selector contact
RV humidity sensor RV humidity sensor - фото 5
OPN negative pressure OPN negative pressure - фото 6
CO2 sensor CO2 sensor - фото 7
Outside temperature sensor PTC-BU Outside temperature sensor PTC-BU - фото 8
Inside temperature sensor PTC Inside temperature sensor  PTC - фото 9
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